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Dangerous Relationship Download No Verification

Dangerous Relationship Download No Verification

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About This Game

This app contains content typically considered mature, such as frequent nudity, or sexual content.
The story of the game is the same as "Dangerous Relationship" for the smartphone version.

- What is "Dangerous Relationship"?
This is a game where you can enjoy the dangerous world of dating a celebrity. Get seduced while you're on the job and try to keep your relationship a secret!

- The Story
You finally land a job in show business, which you had only ever heard of from TV and magazines. In a single day, you end up meeting an idol, an actor, a model, a musician, and a comedian, and from that day on, you suddenly change from being an ordinary citizen to being a celebrity's girlfriend.

- The Guys
Ryouhei Shindo
An ultra-popular idol. He exudes a manly aura despite having a cute face, and that gap is what makes him so popular. Whenever he decides to do something, he single-mindedly devotes all his energy to that one thing.

Kei Toyonaga
An actor who's rising in popularity. He's popular for having a pretty face but a biting personality, but in private he's even worse than he lets on. He approaches you like you're his prey.

Taiga Saeba
Originally a magazine model, Taiga's wild personality has made him a hit on variety shows. He acts personable on TV, but in private he's arrogant, has a short temper, and doesn't speak much.

Subaru Oshima
A famous singer. Although he mainly writes rock songs, the genuineness of his emotions conveyed through his lyrics has made him a hit with women. In person he's very thoughtful, but a little fed up with how raunchy the industry is.

Akira Senba
A comedian that everyone's talking about. He also does side work as a model and singer. He has a very energetic and straightforward personality, and is a gentleman when it comes to dealing with women.

- You should play this game if... want to fall in love with a handsome guy. like romance novels, manga, or TV shows. like romance games. like idols and celebrities. b4d347fde0

Title: Dangerous Relationship
Genre: Adventure
Dogenzaka Lab
Dogenzaka Lab
Release Date: 23 Aug, 2016

English,Japanese,Simplified Chinese

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I love the twunk and how he exposes the idol industry. regret buying this game even tho i bought it on sale
the girl has no pride whatsoever
they easily fall in love
simpley boring as hell
the characters are unlikable. Love this game!!! For ladies who like a more mature type of romance, this is a great choice. For ladies that aren't into the bastard boyfriend trope, one of the routes might not be their favorite but they will still enjoy the sweeter guys' routes. If you are looking for an otome that plays out like a sexy romance novel, you will have a lot of fun with this game!!!

The Ghosts of Hackney Mills - A New Mystery Adventure Game:
Hi Everyone!

As some of you may have noticed, we have had a “Coming Soon” page up for a game that looks a little like Silver Creek Falls.

So we’d like to announce that sometime in early to mid November (we’re aiming for November 9th) we’ll be launching a mystery adventure game in the style of Silver Creek Falls. Some of you may remember that earlier this year we had a failed Kickstarter for “The Walsingham Files”, a spinoff of Silver Creek Falls. At the time we wanted to finish that game but have instead opted to have a new title that is a lot less related to Silver Creek Falls and introduces a new location and new characters.

The game is a stand-alone game and currently there are no plans for it to be a series though if it does prove to be quite popular then we can definitely consider making sequels for it. It’s a little bit more “experimental” than our previous mystery adventure games and has taken some inspiration from atmospheric games like “Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture” and “Firewatch”.

So we’re still tidying it up and running some tests but we’re very confident it should be out soon and we really hope you get a chance to pick it up and give it a play through!

Here is a link in case you haven't seen it yet:

Keep being awesome!

The Sapphire Dragon Productions Team
. Silver Creek Falls: Chapter 3 (Coming Soon):
Hey Awesome People!

Coming Soon!

Not quite as glorious as announcing the actual game being ready, but still you can still follow this page so you can be alerted the second the game goes live!

Only a few more days to go so keep on being awesome!

The Sapphire Dragon Productions Team. Silver Creek Falls Chapter 3: Announcement (in case you missed it):
Hello SCF Fans.

Thanks so much for joining us on the Silver Creek Falls Journey. We have some news. Please watch this video to find out more about the fate of Silver Creek Falls: Chapter 3.

Keep being awesome!

Sapphire Dragon Productions Team. Bug Fixes October 1, 2015:
Better consistency and flow with Sara's apartment and other earlier areas Philadelphia, NJ (credit Twistor).
Fixed issue with repetitive comment at Rocky Mount. (credit Twistor).

Please report any further bugs in the forum.

Thanks and keep being awesome.

Sapphire Dragon Productions Team.


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