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Original Title: Slipfighter The Dogs Of War

Genge: Action,Adventure,Drama,Sci-Fi


















































Trance mourns the loss of her relative, Mesmer, but in the middle of the ceremony the Andromeda is hit by many massive shockwaves, sending the ship reeling. They discover that the shockwaves emanated from a star going supernova, and signs point towards the use of a weapon similar to a nova bomb. The crew comes to the conclusion that Marduk, a rogue planet, is the source of the weapon, but the Andromeda needs help to achieve its goals.
As this episode opens the crew are holding a memorial service for Mesmer, a relative of Trance, when the ship is thrown about by violent shock waves. It is quickly established that they were caused by somebody testing a nova-bomb type weapon. The rogue planet Marduk is clearly responsible and Dylan is determined to destroy their facility; it won't be easy though as the planet has the most comprehensive defence system known. To get through the defences they will have to use slip-fighters; it is a mission Tyr is very wary about participating in while Trance, who is particularly upset by weapons that destroy stars, is keen to take part.

This episode is packed with exciting moments. Early on the crew are really thrown about by the shock wave... I think if people were really thrown about like that I imagine there would be broken bones in not fatalities! We then get some slip-fighter training before the raid on Marduk; this provides more action as they dodge the satellite defence system, combat fighter craft then confront ground forces before ultimately getting to their target. The scene where Tyr took on local ground forces while blasting out Wagner's 'Flying Dutchman' was both thrilling and hilarious. We also get more interesting insights into Trance's character as we see how hurt she is by the destruction of a sun and that proximity to the element vital for nova bomb production makes her feel ill. There are some weak points; the CGI was a little obvious at times, although once the real action started that was easy to overlook. The end also felt rather rushed; with minutes to go I was sure we were going to get a 'to be continued...' ending; instead the mission is completed, somebody says 'return to the pick-up point' and the next we know everybody is back on Andromeda. Overall though this was still an impressive episode.

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