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Original Title: Vengeance Is My Forgiveness

Genge: Action,Western










































When Sheriff Durango's fiancée and her family are robbed and killed by four masked men, Durango sets out to identify and punish the killers.
In a small western town, the local sheriff is looking forward to his upcoming marriage to young Lucy McLaine. The sheriff's old flame Joana, who owns a saloon, is disappointed by sheriff Durango's choice to marry Lucy but wishes him luck. Durango is in town shopping for a nice wedding dress for Lucy. Lucy's parents have sold their big cattle herd for a large sum of money in order to provide Lucy with a nice dowry. The news of the cattle sale doesn't go unnoticed in the community. As a result, four masked armed riders show up at the McLaine farm demanding the money meant to be Lucy's dowry. When Lucy's parents refuse to fork over the hidden cash, the masked robbers get rough with Lucy and they shoot the farm foreman in the arm. Fearful for Lucy's safety, her mother offers to show the bandits where the cash is hidden inside the house. Unfortunately, Lucy's father unmasks one of the robbers and recognizes him. Unwilling to leave witnesses behind, the robbers kill every member of the McLaine family and flee with the money. When Sheriff Durango arrives at the McLaine farm, he finds the massacred victims of the robbery. He also finds a pocket watch on the ground, surely belonging to one of the killers. This pocket watch is the only piece of evidence the sheriff has to help him identify and punish the killers.
If you are a fan of spaghetti westerns, and you're not expecting epic Sergio Leone stuff, you probably will be pleasantly surprised by this little film. It has a great cast, good direction, an easy to follow story with a good twist in the end. Not to mention a powerful and quite emotional soundtrack theme that suits the quite melodramatic story perfectly. Tab Hunter, does an exceptional job playing the sheriff, whose revenge is among the dirtiest in the genre. Also worth mentioning is Erika Blanc's performance, adding spice to the story. Do not miss this one if you are a fan of Italian westerns. I hope it will see the light of day on DVD one day, it really deserves better than remaining obscure.
There is something missing from this 1969 Italian oater. Tab Hunter is pretty good as Durango, an ex-sheriff whose dreams of marriage are shattered when his fiancé and her family are massacred during a robbery. His hunting down and killing the perpetrators should be more fun than it is; the film seems claustrophobic, as much of the action takes place in confined areas, including a warehouse for the final showdown. Erica Blanc is fine as Joanne, Durango's former girlfriend who owns a saloon (!) but she sings snatches of a terrible song at least twice. Either she's saddled with a terrible voice or her dubber is, for the monotone lyrics are cut away from as soon as possible. The great Peiro Lulli turns up as a villain, and other familiar faces fill the screen. The music is suitably spaghetti, with the blaring trumpets and guitar chords, but Hunter, a fine rider, looks ridiculous on the small horse he's given to ride early on, and the sexual hi-jinx late in the film seem juvenile and out of place. Overall, a film that MST3K would have had a blast mocking. Serious students of the genre will find much to enjoy here, but others beware!

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