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About This Game

SOS Survival is a multipayer survival game.

First person and third person view.

Humans have been chosen and abducted to survive on this planet.
We have tried to colonize but, we have failed many times. There are dangerous storms and the rain carries deadly viruses and diseases. We have to shelter ourselves and that is not even the worst part. Our base has to be defended from other people or we risk losing everything.

About SOS Survival

- Day and night cycle including seasons.
- Base Building
- Inventory survival
- Craftable items and shelters
- Buy and sell at shops
- Consumable items to survive
- Weapons to defend yourself
- Random loot spawns
- Outpost Camp
- Player vs Player
- Character Well-Being System
- Teleport System
- Bank System
- Quest System
- Dialoque System
- AI System
- Hack system
- Patrol System
- Auto Save system 7aa9394dea

Title: SOS Survival
Genre: Action, Indie, RPG
Release Date: 31 Oct, 2018


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows/7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel: i3 2.4Ghz or higher
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVidia Geforce 750GTX
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 10 GB available space


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So, I'd love to rate this game good... but I cannot due to the fact you randomly die every 3 minutes that you are in the world when no monsters are near or states are reletively find and ok... wtf?! cannot do anything without dying randomly. crashed everytie treid to play games trash. In short;

Pros - Nice Optimisation (100 fps @ 1440p)
Cool theme (dark sci fi horror)
Friendly devoted Developer
Constant updates
Nice Concept (survival with crafting)
Has quests already (alot of Ea games have no quests)
Decent sound effects and weather system

Cons - The only thing dont like is the Npcs dont move or talk ( currently on text communication)

So Far - 7 out of 10

Please give this game a good play and then make your judgement.
Everyone has different tastes so obviously it wont appeal to all, but just take it for what it is and maybe you will enjoy.
At first I didnt like, but it has grown on me. I just wish I had more time to play.. The intro video was good, but that's where the good stuff stopped.
I only played the game for about an hour or two, because It was boring.
First of all there was nobody hosting a server, and when you host your own server if you change the setting from gamemode to survival if won't change back.
It seem to spawn me in a somewhat random spot, with to no clue what I am meant to do. "settlements" are massive distance apart with the occasional enemy inbetween.
Cannot change between gun and melee weapon without going to the inventory.
Inventory does register weight
I only found one quest "find 15 loot crates" but it always said 0\/15 even after I had found a couple of crates, it only said what I had found after I died.
Game crashed a few times, and when that happen I had to start all over again.
Combat is bad, it takes forever to kill an enemy with a pistol. And the melee attack looks ridiculous.
couldn't find any kind of map
game really needs a starting base where player can get an idea of what they are meant to do, and get quest.
Improvement I graphics would be nice, but I would rather play a good game with bad graphic, then a bad game with good graphics. Right now this is a bad game with bad graphics.. Great Game
Awesome Developer who loves to listen to what his players have to say.
Reminds me of a SP Anarchy Online for some reason, and that is not a bad thing since Anarachy Online is my fav MMORPG.
I was not disapointed that I dropped $20 on this at all, it is worth it to me.
Hidden Gem that I cannot wait to see what is added next.. Can't recommend this game in it's current state.
What needs to be fixed before the game will be at least playable:
1) Totally user-unfriendly interface. When you wants to sell something - you needs to manually open you inventory (and then manually close it also). Key bindings also unobvious. And you can't set up your own ones. No hint how to do some functions (like crouch, for example - nowhere mentioned)
2) "Action targetting" - You need to point your crosshair some REALLY weird point in a REALLY precise manner for the object to be interacted. No matter if it's a container, crafting bench or vendor. Weird and precise tagetting.
3) Minimap. Map. Scheme... JUST ANYTHING. You only have "target markers" on the screen
4) Setting up a correct font sizes and colors - even with those markers mentioned above you needs to put a REALLY much efforts to read what there said. Distance is totally unreadable
5) You dies = you loses everything. I mean it. EVERYTHING. You can't find your corpse for loot your stuff back. You just loses it. EVEN if you died 5 meters away respawn point.
6) Any mine? Mining equipment? Just anything??? Nope. Only the stuff you gets from the chests.
7) Any quests? Found just one for more than an hour or running around - "Kill 3 of something". Yet I can't do it because of
8) No monsters\/enemies\/anything else.

In it's current state game is NOT a game in EA, but looks more like a demo of the engine.
Totally not worth it's price.
I hope those things (or at least ANYTHING of this list) will be fixed ASAP. But until then - NO. Not worth money and time.

Update 2+ months later:<\/i><\/b>
1) Interface somewhat fixed. Now the windows opens and closes same time. Not all of 'em. You still needs manually open storage chest and inventory for example.
2) Targetting improved. Greatly. And again - not everything. When you needs to build or place something the engine starts to act weirdly. Especially was fun to find out WHERE the position of cursor should be for the engine to try to use the snap points while you tries to build something.
3) Situation with map still the same. You can't even imagine where are you and where to go. Only markers on the... how to call it? Compass bar?
4) OK. This was fixed. Distance is readable now.
5) - 8) All the same.

Plus the building functionality is totally weird. I've managed to put 1 (ONE!) foundation on the pretty flat place. No other foundations can be snapped to it - those are just red. No walls\/doorframes\/windows can be placed aswell. And so on.

No back story also. Not a single "NPC" tries to communicate with you. Not even "Hello!" or anything. And nowhere mentioned even a hint of what are we doing here but just tries to survive.

Game is STILL way too early to be called even an Early Access.

Xmas Came Early! (Or Late?):

We're very humbled by the reception DYSMANTLE has gotten so far!

It's been about a week since the game was announced, and the game has already received more wishlistings than some of our games in their lifetime :O

So as a gift I give you Rudolf.gif, a magificient beast from the prealpha version of the game. Not 100% sure if this particular mythical easter eggy creature will end up in the final game though. But if it does, it'll only appear during the festive season. :)

Thank you! :steamhappy:. Wonder what that lever does?:

It's right there, so you should just pull it, right?. Why isn't the game out yet?:

Seems totally bug-free.. Damn you, floor!:

You had ONE job!. Undead Horde Swarms Early Access Today!:

Undead Horde is rising on Early Access Today! Check it out here: The Abyss Awaits:

Down: the abyss. Up: post-apocalypse. Forward: much treasure.

Your move.

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