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Original Title: All The Time In The World

Genge: Action,Drama,Mystery,Sci-Fi,Thriller



















































In the aftermath of the destruction of APO, Sydney, Jack and Vaughn must find a way to stop Irina Derevko and Arvin Sloane from fulfilling the Rambaldi endgame of Armageddon.
In the aftermath of the destruction of APO and death of Tom Grace, Sydney and Vaughn and the surviving members of APO try to stop Sloane from fulfilling the Rimbaldi endgame when Sloane takes over Prophet Five and acquires two Soviet nuclear missiles to use to bring on destruction to profit on reconstruction. When the team finally captures Peyton, she tells them about Sloane whom is now in Mongolia to find the tomb of Rimbaldi to learn his ultimate secret which is immortality and eternal life. Sydney, Vaughn and Jack arrives, but Jack is fatally wounded by Sark, who slips away, again. Sydney and Vaughn then race the clock to locate Irina Derevko who has been planning with Sloane all this time to bring on Armmagendon with the two stolen missiles. At the same time, Sydney reminisces about her childhood, and how she came to first work at SD-6 and her affiliation with Sloane which led her to the path she's on today.
Rushed. That's the one word that first comes to mind when you're trying to describe the final episode of "Alias". In my comment for "Reprisal", I predicted that the series finale would have serious trouble making the necessary revelation of the ultimate Rambaldi mystery worth the long wait of five seasons, and "All The Time In The World" confirms my suspicions: turns out the one big secret / reward at the end of the Rambaldi labyrinth is immortality. But immortality was already suggested in a very early season 1 episode ("Time Will Tell"), and later dismissed as a mere rumor by Arvin Sloane himself in a season 4 episode ("Another Mister Sloane"), so longtime fans of the series should be excused for expecting something more. But "All The Time In The World" is rushed in other ways as well: the way they track down Peyton so quickly, the way a critically wounded Jack climbs down the crypt so quickly, the way Sydney finds Irina so quickly (you'd expect she'd have some guards with her, especially after getting hold of the Horizon, but no; it's just her and Sark, apparently). In fact, the whole Irina = evil thing doesn't ring 100% true. After all, she helped save the world at the end of season 4 - and now she wants to destroy it? This episode follows a format similar to "Lost", with lots of Sydney flashbacks centering on critical points in her life, but most of them don't really tell us anything new: the one that stands out is when she announces to her father that she got a job at Credit Dauphine; he tells her to quit, she says her mother wouldn't have a problem with it, and Jack can barely hide his anger at Irina's (still unknown by Sydney at this point) betrayal. There ARE some other brilliant touches in this episode (Sloane's ultimate fate and Jack's final line, for example, feel incredibly fitting), and Sark steals the show every time he's on the screen, but it's all a bit too shallow compared to the character and story depths that the entire series often achieved. *** out of 4.
Alias started out with a whole lot of potential. Not a superb cast, but one that grew on you. Alias had an opportunity to really go to at least seven or eight seasons. However, I agree with clickink who said that this was "worst piece of plot-driven, hack, dime store" material used. I am just extremely saddened by the opportunity blown by alias' writers. I mean, I definitely have to give J.J. Abrams props on his performance. But he lost it as he let the story go to such unbelievable places. Maybe this was a learning experience for him, I'm not sure. If You are interested in Alias, pick up season 1,2 and then maybe part of three. But STOP there. After that it's downhill. One is OK. For the most part, Two is pretty good. And then the first part of three is bearable. Overall, Alias is a series I will always remember as a "how not to" do TV. They had some bright moments in Alias, Very Bright, but then they killed it. Hopefully the writers will learn and provide us with some more greater series in the future.

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