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Locked in her one-room apartment, Maggie Mallowne must uncover the mysterious celebrity conspiracies of the outside world by talking to her neigh 5d3b920ae0

Title: Maggie's Apartment
Genre: Adventure
Anatola Howard, Duncan Cross
Anatola Howard
Release Date: 1 Aug, 2017


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IDK man the story and puzzles andwere good but I mostly just bought the game because the protagonist is rly hot. So if you have a thing for short, plump, socially awkward in a cute way gals I would reccomend this game to you.. Anatola Howard is definitely one of my favorite artists, and they have achieved so much at such a young age. I was following this game for a long time through their twitter and bought it immediately. Maggie's Apartment is a fully voice-acted point-and-click game, and the artwork (both backgrounds and characters) is absolutely beautiful. The dialogue and music are incredibly sweet as well, and an 8 track album comes along with the game purchase ( Happy go Randy Me is the best song (^: ) I definitely recommend this game to anyone, if not for the gameplay, then simply just to support an amazing artist.. Stunning art, captivating story and fun characters A+. Lovely game! As a point-and-click admirer, and a long-running gamer when it comes to the genre, I am always looking for good titles to enjoy. Most of the times, the games claim to be oh-so-great, but end-up being oh-so-abysmal. Maggie's Apartment is exactly the opposite - the game makers claim ot have created a fun small game. And that's exactly what they did. I am not sure the topic or the plot would be as enjoyable for the male audience as it would be for the female, but come on - who hasn't had a near-stupid crush on a celebrity? The game is fun and full of puns and jokes. Exactly what the trailer suggests. 3-4 hours filled with loveliness. Not to mention the way Maggie moves around. I adore the way she looks. Such a cute thing! Hope you make more games like this one.. Beautiful art and soulful voice acting really bring together this short but delightful experience. There were a couple of moments of "point and click logic" but nothing that slowed me down too much. If you want a little mystery game to tickle your mind then this is for you and I hope to see more from this team.. Splended art style, charming if naive protagonist, interesting plot. The game in it's entirety takes 2 hours (generously), although you may wish to replay it to experience new dialogue trees--the voice acting is superb and the conversations, hilarious.. IDK man the story and puzzles andu2665u2665u2665u2665u2665u2665were good but I mostly just bought the game because the protagonist is rly hot. So if you have a thing for short, plump, socially awkward in a cute way gals I would reccomend this game to you.. The art and animation for this game is just jaw-dropping. The dialogue is intriguing and the voice acting is hecking top notch. The storyline is really goofy, and cute, and bizarre; the whole game just had a really solid dreamy aesthetic to it.. A short and beautiful game with some wonderful voice acing and even better artwork. This whole game from every little aspect feels so lovingly rendered and humble in its exicution. If you have an afternoon to kill and want a point and click that isnt your normal insanity of clicking everything with everything else, try Maggie's Apartment.. This game gives me hope that point and click games - specifically, good ones - are still far from dead. It's everything I would want from a good adventure game - lovable characters, wonderfully weird art direction, quality voice acting, logic puzzles that won't drive you to the point of frustration, and writing that can be both laugh-out-loud funny and sharply emotional. While it lasts only a couple hours, I felt more than satisfied after seeing the story through to its conclusion. As someone who loves adventure games, I would definitely put this on a "must play" list.

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