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About This Software

MindTex is a normal map generation utility for game developers and 3d professionals. Built to rival the competition in quality without the 5d3b920ae0

Title: MindTex 2
Genre: Animation & Modeling, Design & Illustration, Photo Editing
Frozen Flame
Frozen Flame
Release Date: 22 Feb, 2016


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Good quality and quick, even with very high resolution textures.. This used to be a really handy multi-texture map generator tool for stuff like normal, ao, spec, etc that was very fast and helpful especially for game development stuff. However, in it's current state after several tries and several workarounds I have found that recently it is not working on Windows 10 on my end though others claim it works so perhaps it is different for some people it seems. At this point I personally cannot recommend it until the problem is fully resolved and I do not recommend buying it at least until I know and can verify it's working 100% again. It has forced me to use Mindtex 1 which is okay but not as good nor as finetuned and also leaving me looking for other affordable or free alternatives for the time being which is extremely upsetting. As the saying goes you get what you pay for. I have since moved to ShaderMap which I like a lot better, it can do way more even though it is double the price but well worth the switch.. For 20.mind blowing.very capable piece of software and when tweaked right the final result is just as good as other similar software.. Like MindTex 1 a great piece of software. I also used the beta for MindTex 2 a lot (hence only 15 minutes of time at this point). I can still recommend this software to anyone in need to create quick high quality normal, height, specular, reflection, gloss, self-illumination or occlusion maps. It generates these from a simple diffuse texture (preferably an albedo map for the best results). The biggest + however is its price which is incredibly low, especially compared to other pieces of software that essentially do the same.. Looking for a nice bumpmap/normalmap generator that is easy to use and generates quality equivalent to CrazyBump, but can't afford CrazyBump's ridiculous price tag ($300)? Get this program! You will not be disappointed!. The cleanest interface on a height/normal generator I've ever used. Switch DirectX or OpenGL green channels. Load any model for previewing. Lots of map export file formats. Fast. Clean. BUY IT.. Great software, creates many different style maps very easily.. Simply THE best program for making normals and specular maps!. MindTex 2 is a pretty nice software. I often use it for normal map creation. While these textures are mostly placeholders for now used only for testing but ultimately I think that MT2 generates fairly accurate images which can be used professionally too. It has options for tweaking and not only limited for normal map generation. It also displays the final mix on one of the selectable models or you can even import your own stuff and check out the result. The price might be a little bit high for something like this but in the end I am happy that I have a program like this at hand when it comes to fast texture map generation.

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